I bet you watched this video thinking it was a normal home-video, right? WRONG. 8 in 10 people who watch this video will not notice the girl in the blue shirt. The reason for this is because she is a ghost. She died in 2004, and she was murdered by her sister. If you don’t reblog this video within the next 30 minutes, at 2:37 AM, she will be looming over your bed, ready to kill you. THIS IS NOT A JOKE. SHE WILL KILL YOU. Reblog, and you will be guaranteed safety. Please, reblog this too, so no one else will be killed. Melissa Cruez saw this on her dash, but did not reblog. Her mother found her, stabbed 24 times in her bedroom the next morning. Want to be the next Melissa? THEN DON’T REBLOG THIS! SCROLL PAST IT JUST LIKE SHE DID! YOU’LL BE DEAD, TOO! 

Please, reblog this, and stay safe. Do not RISK it. You will DIE!!!!!

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awww look who’s trending <3 


Best. Night. Ever. 

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In Case you ever wondered why they are married… 


CASE CLOSED!!  <3 <3

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What Matt Smith would say if he were to leave a note for the next actor to play the Doctor.

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Tick tock, goes the clock, as Steven Moffat trolls us.
Tick tock, goes the clock, ‘Til Doctor Who on Christmas.

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River: Then you may kiss the bride.
Doctor: I’ll make it a good one.
River: You better.

Doctor Who “The Wedding of River Song” 6.13


I ship this all the way

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Dorium: “And Doctor Song? In prison all her days?”

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Tick. Tock. Goes the clock. Even for the Doctor

An Australian girl with a passion for Doctor Who and Matt Smith. Please enjoy my musings from the Doctor and the occasional touch of other things :)
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